Art is not something to merely look at, it is an experience, it is something to absorb and lose yourself in. To create art is to meditate.

The arts inspire us. They inspire us to view the world from another perspective, to look at ourselves in a new way, to delve deep within ourselves to the very essence of who we are.

At times our reaction is pleasure, sometimes disgust, pain, shock, joy and so on. The same painting can invoke a different feeling in each person as they view it from their perspective of the world. Art can trigger something within our souls. The word inspire comes from ‘in’ meaning inner and ‘spire’ meaning breath therefore to be inspired is to connect to our ‘inner-breath’. Meditators, healers and Yogis since the dawn of man have known the connection between the breath and our connection to that part of ourselves that is spirit, the energy that is connected to every other living thing in the universe, the part that is eternal.

Art saved me as a child after a life changing horse riding accident, during the mid to late 1980’s I was a prolific painter selling many paintings and then I had a family and time ran out on me and I got a ‘proper’ job because that’s what I was encouraged to do. I have never stopped painting, but my work as a healer and teacher of the healing ‘arts’ came first. Then 2020 happened and the healing work faded because I could not visit people or have them to my treatment room in my home. During those months many other things in my life shifted and changed and now I find myself back painting full time, my work has changed over the decades, my passion has not.

When I hear people say ‘I don’t do art I am useless’ it makes me sad, there is no wrong or right in art, art is a form of self expression, you need to let go of your conscious mind and ‘paint from within’. I think Baldrick said this in Blackadder Goes Forth! Let go and let it flow, something I say in my Reiki teaching!

  • oil painting on canvas

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