Hello my name is Lesley, I have created this online art gallery. I am an artist working in East Sussex. Having had an online gallery for my oil paintings for many years, in 2019 I decided to create a brand new space that not only showcases my own art but also that of some hand picked local artists. In the gallery you will find original paintings, drawings, limited edition prints and photography. If you would like to commission a piece please get in touch.

About Me
I was always a quiet, creative child, but my interest in art really began to grow at the age of 13 after a horse riding accident left me bedridden for over a year. Using an old chalk board as an easel that was positioned over me as I lay flat I began to fill my days drawing. It was my uncle to brought me my first set of oil paints and from that moment on I was hooked on the medium. The smell, the colour, the malleability had me – I was in love!

I now have paintings in many countries across the world including Europe and Australia. Winning the UK entry in the Gourney en Bray art competition in 2015 and occasionally exhibiting work in and around Hailsham.

My studio in East Sussex

Art can stir something deep within a person’s soul; both the making of it and the interacting with it as an observer. It is my belief that art is for everyone from any walk of life it is a case of finding the genre that touches unlocks a response from the street art of Banksy, to the Impressionists and my personal favourite Van Gogh to the masters such as Michelangelo.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton

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